Wednesday 17 March 2010

KM benefits, in order of delivery

I mentioned yesterday the KM benefits list. Below is the same list, in order of the number of case studies which reported a particular benefit. The number after each benefit is the number of case studies (out of a total of 20) where we see that benefit. I do have to say that the third is a bit of a fudge - "Learning Before" is a mechanism rather than a benefit in itself

Resources shared 15
Money saved 14
“Learning before” 14
Resources reused 9
Rework avoided 8
Better decisions 7
Work simplified 7
Faster implementation 7
Improved safety 6
Reduced emissions 6
Behaviour change 5
Reduced business risk 4
Reduced health risks 4
Improved productivity 4
Saved time 4
Water/energy saved 4
Work avoided 3
Better quality 2
Worksteps removed 1
Enhanced reputation 1
Customer satisfaction
Travel avoided
Improved satisfaction
Morale improved

Now I dont imagine every company will see the same heirarchy of benefits. This is an oil company, where safety, emissions, risk are much bigger issues than customer satisfaction (they have no customer) or travel avoidance (they all work within a 30 minute drive). It would be interesting to create a similar heirarchy for your company.

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