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15 Example Knowledge Management visions

vision What is the Knowledge Management Vision statement for your organisation?

 Here are a few vision statements from companies; some are official statements, some are CEO statements that encapsulate the vision, some are statements crafted by the KM team. Where I can find online references, I have added them.

 If you have a moment, please share your KM vision statement with other readers using the Comments field! The more examples we have, the better.

“To create a world class knowledge-sharing culture and environment that contributes to Accenture's success”
Federal Transit Administration
FTA knows what it knows; it is continuously filling the gaps of what it does not know 
Health Canada analyses, creates, shares and uses health knowledge to maintain and improve the health of the people of Canada :
·         through its knowledge management processes and strategies which are tailored to advance the business lines of the department;
·         as a model knowledge organization; and
·         as a leader, facilitator and partner, in the development of a Canadian health infostructure, responding to national and international trends and opportunities.
We know what we know, learn what we need to learn, and use knowledge for sustained competitive advantage (Internal KM vision) 
“Anyone in the organisation who is not directly accountable for making a profit should be involved in creating and distributing knowledge that the company can use to make a profit”   (CEO statement)
To connect people, work smarter and get results. This includes accessing and leveraging worldwide development knowledge; generating new intellectual capital; and continuously learning from their activities.  
US Federal Government, working definition 
The Federal government continues its transformation journey to become the pre-eminent provider of knowledge among and across the nation with national security in mind.  We must shape our environment and leverage our knowledge as steward of the taxpayer’s dollars.  To that end we must achieve our mission to safeguard the United States and our Allies from threats while securing knowledge that could be of benefit to our enemies.  To maintain an advantage over our adversaries and provide mission readiness, we must further our capabilities, programs, and supporting knowledge bases.  This transformation will require changes to be made in the manner in which we leverage our knowledge across the federal government; changes that will move us from a stove-piped, decentralized environment to a learning environment, constantly striving to leverage personnel assets, and improve and enable processes.  Key to this transformation is the need to create a trusted environment where the culture is focused on sharing knowledge, using integrated technologies and incentivizing and rewarding knowledge contributions across the government and it’s stakeholders and partners, both nationally and internationally. 
Ernst and Young 
The focus of our knowledge deliveries is to harness the global knowledge of Ernst & Young tempered with appropriate external sources and to leverage this on behalf of our client-facing users to ensure that the focused value of our knowledge is brought to bear on the firm’s service delivery
NSW health  
NSW Health's Knowledge Management Program will enable the capture, distribution, use and development of innovations that enhance the delivery of patient care; promote the sharing of experiences and lessons learnt from their development and implementation; and connect people in communities of practice to foster further innovation. 

 British Airways
The vision of the end-state is that "The culture and tools are in place to make the appropriate sharing of knowledge the norm in British Airways"

Anglo American 
We will instil a more regular approach of sharing knowledge and ideas as central to the way the new Anglo American  does business. We have practices that are clearly world class. We will work to achieve greater consistency across the company in applying these practices everywhere. (CEO statement) 
Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP
The knowledge management vision within the firm is to enable professionals to acquire knowledge and synthesize data faster and easier"
Israel Aircraft Industry 
New Knowledge will be created, shared, and reused, as part of IAI personnel’s common practice, for the achievement of IAI’s vision and the fulfillment of its goal

Lutheran Education Authority 
KM for LEA means developing an innovative and creative work environment where individuals, schools and regions: 
  •  Learn from each other, through sharing knowledge and information 
  •  Access single sources of data to promote the construction of knowledge and, in turn, wisdom; 
  • Access knowledge and information in a timely manner; 
  • Effect standard core policies, protocols or processes; 
  • Embrace core operating principles that deliver best practice at all levels using common definitions and terminology; and
  • Communicate using unified systems.
The associated strategic directions for this vision will be to:
  • Develop and market a KM culture using change management principles;
  • Establish a policy framework;
  • Establish core systems and databases to achieve a single point of access for corporate knowledge with seamless work flows; and
  • Establish a dedicated role to drive and implement the strategic Knowledge Management  
Natural Resources Canada  

 Saudi Aramco
 Knowing what we know, and knowing what we need to know
A 16th Bonus vision


To be an organization where knowledge capture and sharing is the way we work, offering customers speed-to-deploy as well as innovative products and services focused on their needs, and offering employees an environment of continuous learning and productivity improvements


  1. HDAA
    Our Vision

    To be the primary source of collaboration and knowledge for the Service and Support Profession.

    Our Mission

    HDAA utilises the collective knowledge, energy, experience and expertise of our team and our members to create a foundation on which we deliver products and services that develop and promote excellence in the Service and Support Profession.

  2. I would be interested in seeing the metrics that these organisations use to measure the success of their visions

  3. I am not sure you measure the success of a vision, do you? You measure the success of an objective, but a vision is directional rather than absolute, surely?

  4. Interesting!

  5. Thanks for the list! I fell asleep while reading the US Federal Government's vision though.

  6. WHO knowledge management strategy
    Vision, mission and objectives
    Vision and mission

    The vision of WHO KM is of global health equity through better knowledge management and sharing.

    Our mission is to help bridge the know-do gap in global health by fostering an environment that encourages the creation, sharing, and effective application of knowledge to improve health.

    The objectives of this strategy target three main areas:

    Country health systems: contributing to strengthening country health systems through better knowledge management.
    Public health: promoting the principles and practice of knowledge management as a fundamental aspect of public health research and practice.
    The Organization: enabling WHO to become a better learning and knowledge sharing organization.

  7. From HANSHEP (

    The Mission of the HANSHEP Group is to improve the performance of the non-state sector in delivering better healthcare to the poor by working together, learning from each other, and sharing this learning with others.

  8. Here's another, from Main Roads, Western Australia (

    To be recognised as a world class
    road authority, working innovatively
    with industry, our partners and the
    community, to share and build cutting
    edge knowledge and expertise.

  9. And another KM vision, from a municipality in South Africa (

    Positioning Statement

    eThekwini is a learning organization that promotes sustainable innovative ideas to support a caring livable city

  10. And another, from FAO

    FAO will facilitate the access to and exchange of knowledge, as well as its
    generation, in the domain of agriculture and food security. It will assist its Members in
    generating, accessing and utilizing knowledge in food and agriculture, as well as any
    other knowledge that relates to it, required to address Members‟ individual and
    collective development and food security goals.

  11. Number 23, from National Health Service, Derby

    To enable the successful delivery of Healthy Derby, our five-year strategic plan and in
    becoming world class commissioners through turning information into meaningful,
    accessible and transferable knowledge.

  12. Number 24, from national Health Centre, Nottingham

    NHS Doncaster strategic vision is to
    “Promote public health and reduce inequalities through prevention,
    investment, partnerships and the commissioning of high quality,
    accessible services”.

  13. Number 25, from Samsung SDS.

    "Samsung SDS' mission is to provide the best possible IT service to our customers. This best service can only be created via our know-how, which is produced by freely sharing our best practice, knowledge and experience from every area within the company"

    Hong Ki Kim, President, Samsung SDS

  14. KM Vision Example Number 26, Aspen Tech. “All employees will have access to the information, knowledge, and processes they need to achieve their individual objectives and help AspenTech meet its strategic goals.”

  15. KM Mission statement number 27 - alternative Ernst and Young 2002, quoted here

    Our knowledge management mission is to enable and steward the acquisition, sharing and reuse of knowledge by our people worldwide. By doing this, our people will be better able to generate new revenues and strengthen client relationships.

  16. Interesting collection. I cringed when I saw the size of the one for the U.S. federal government--it explains a lot. And I didn't see any references to trying to find out :"what we don't know we don't know"--a key concept. My own view of a vision statement is a word picture of a future desired state, written in present tense.

  17. Number 228 from ACCCRN, quoted here,d.ZGU

    “ACCCRN partners will collaborate to build a recognisably credible knowledge base
    of practical and actionable know-how to meet key climate change urban resilience
    challenges that will ultimately improve the lives of poor and vulnerable people.”

  18. Number 29 from the Parliament of Finland

    The Parliament is an open and competent knowledge organisation with a
    co-operation oriented work culture and the capacity and will to learn.

  19. Number 30, from Lloyds register Marine

    “Our vision is to have a knowledge sharing culture that is
    recognised and respected globally by industry, our clients and our
    We will have behaviours, technology and processes that will
    connect our global expertise and the right information will
    always be in the right hands at the right time.
    Through our people, knowledge and expertise, Lloyd's Register’s
    performance will continuously improve.”


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