Friday 20 May 2011

Knowledge of right and wrong

If you know you're right, that's great.

If you know you're wrong, that's OK (you can fix it)

It's when you don't know whether you are right or wrong, that's when you are in big trouble.


Md Santo said...

Good or Bad is about KM Tools (Techno-based boundary in KM). True or False is about KM Process Framework ( Human Mind-based boundary in KM). Right or Wrong is about KM Standards Culture and Value (Organizational (Collective / Social) Learning-based boundary in KM )

Md Santo -

Nick Milton said...

I think you miss the point, Mr Santo, I am afraid.

It is about consciousness of competence/incompetence rather than tools and process frameworks.

Jeremy Nino said...

Is consciousness anything more than our stored experience and knowledge collected using tools such as our hands, arms, heart, eyes, nose, ears, tounge over a communications network of neural pathways and stored and processed by the brain (life's most valuable tool)?

How can we be conscious of competence or in competence without the use of any of at least one of these tools and the execution of our body's volunatary and involunatry process frameworks?

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