Friday 11 March 2011

Customer focus in Knowledge Management

committed to excellence and customer satisfaction - 030620091716Every transfer of knowledge requires a supplier and a customer.

I am focusing on transfer now; not the creative act of innovation that comes from people combining their knowledge to make something new.

In knowledge transfer, there is someone who knows something (the supplier) who interacts with someone who needs knowledge (the customer), so that the customer can learn something new.

In any transactional organisation, you need to focus on the customer. The needs of the customer are paramount.

We all know about the importance of the customer - "the customer comes first" - "the customer is always right" - "committed to excellence and customer satisfaction".

But how customer-centric is your KM program?

By customer-centric, I mean the following

1. Driven by the knowledge needs of the customer - by Knowledge Pull (see here)
2. Transferring knowledge the way the customer needs it to be transferred (see here)
3. Transferring knowledge in a medium that works for the customer (see yesterday's post).

Too many KM programs focus on the supplier and neglect the customer, and struggle to make a difference as a result.

Don't be one of them!

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