Friday 19 March 2021

Quantified KM Value story #143; $10 million per year at Grant Thornton

The latest in my continuing series of KM value stories.

This one comes from this interview with Balaji Iyer; head of KM for Grant Thornton INDUS. 

Balaji states that 

"KM has positively impacted both the top line and bottom line for the firm. Just a conservative estimate of the value the KM programme adds over a normative five-year period is over $50 million in revenue and savings. Our KM programme has hit all the right notes in terms of improving speed to market and talent, vastly improving our internal efficiency play, significantly enhancing the employee experience, and driving innovation at an accelerated pace. And, we believe we are just getting started". 

"As an example, our tax technical research capabilities have resulted in multiple clients wins, grossing over millions of dollars. Our recently-launched knowledge product is the Tax Client Update tool (T-CUT) — a methodology that provides an automated agenda, populated with nationally reviewed technical updates for quarterly meetings with clients and prospects. It has contributed significantly to revenue generation".

For more quantified value examples from other organisations, see here.


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