Monday 8 May 2017

How easy is it being a Knowledge Manager?

Please fill in the poll, then read some of the commentary below

(I am not sure this poll is working. If not, My apologies!)

How easy is it being a Knowledge Manager

The reason I wanted to run this poll was because of some of the sad comments I received on the 2016 KM Survey, which made me think that people are really struggling out there!

I wanted to find out if these comments are typical of Knowledge Managers on the whole.

Here are a few of the comments
"I wish it was easier to do this job!" 

"I think that this is one of those fields or subject areas that has failed, failed us the practitioners, organisations and the society at large. There still is no one common definition, a practical one of KM as yet. I am regretful I followed this line of work".

"It's a lonely function with lip-service support and global trends are not accepted"

So please fill in the poll, and let me know if these feelings are common 

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Anonymous said...

It is really tough. Many organizations would like to have budget to hire a knowledge manager or set up a KM department, but at the end they do not really want. Many, many others does not even know what KM means. However, being a knowledge manager is a wonderful job, even if...tough and far away to be recognized for the greatest value it provides to a company/organization. We (us) should be more aligned on definition, criteria,etc., because in this way we would be more appreciated in front of them.

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