Monday 8 May 2017

8 KM jobs in word-cloud format

Knowledge Management is such a fuzzy term that looking for a KM job is a minefield. One way to see what these jobs actually entail is to use a word cloud as a simple text analysis tool, and see which words leap out.

Here are 8 recent jobs posted on LinkedIn - all from the USA - where I have taken the role description section and cut and pasted the text into a word cloud generator. Lets see which words (apart from Knowledge, Management, and KM) stand out.

Job number 1 - above - strip out the "Knowledge" word (which mostly relates to the job title) and you can see that this is really a Content Management role

Job number 2 - above -  is a data management job

Job number 3 - above -  really doesnt have any stand-out give-away words. It probably is a bona fide well-rounded KM role, with aspects of collaboration, aspects of sharing, and aspects of content.

Job number 4 - above -  looks like a job for a project document manager

Job number 5 - above -  again doesn't have any stand-out giveaways if we ignore "knowledge" and "management". Its probably a good KM role, focused on self-service articles.

Job number 6 - above -  is a document management role

Job number 7 - above -  the biggest word (other than KM) is SharePoint, so we know what this is about!

Job number 8 - above -  again seems like a well rounded role, with no single issue taking precedence.

The word clouds are a quick way to see the main focus of the jobs, and we can see that a lot of KM jobs are focused on content management, data management, document management and records management. However there are some more varied and more comprehensive KM jobs in there as well.

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