Tuesday 1 November 2016

Quantified value story number 107 - Severn Trent Water

The KM Value quote below is from a paper by Emily Timmins entitled "The role of leadership in knowledge management", published in the report "Successful Knowledge Leadership:Principles and Practice"

Image from wikimedia commons
In this paper, Emily describes a KM strategy at Severn Trent Water (STW) - a major UK-based utility company. The strategy is founded on 20 Communities of Practice, to drive seeking and sharing knowledge in order to support a "Capital Efficiency" challenge.

Emily describes the quantified value delivered by this strategy as follows:

Metrics around potential value are important as it is not easy to identify and track the value of the many interactions STW CoPs have with their community. We use a number of activity measures to show that we have the right behaviours and that people are proactively seeking and sharing. Where we can measure realised value is through translation of ideas and lessons into programme level changes to design and operating standards. Over the AMP period, changes to these standards have resulted in millions of pounds of efficiency savings contributing to the original capital efficiency challenge. In addition to this explicit measurement we also capture stories about the benefits CoPs bring to bear and we publish these annually
This is an order-of-magnitude quantification, but gives an idea of the scale of value STW has realised through KM. 

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