Friday 2 September 2016

The analogue message board

Knowledge Management does not always need to be digital. Sometimes analogue solutions work just as well.

Picture from wikimedia common
We saw this in the video from the Canadian Cooperative Association, who used a "Knowledge Wall" as a tool within their KM system.

I used something similar in BP Norway, when I was running a KM system for a department of about 100 people, all located on the same floor of the office building. On this floor, right by the elevators and opposite the management offices, was a coffee machine that everyone visited every day, Next to the coffee machine was a noticeboard, and I managed to get a section of this board dedicated to knowledge management.

I placed new knowledge and new lessons learned on this board, which became a place where people would gather, drink their coffee, browse the notices, and chat.

Because it was a focal place in the office, and because it was associated with coffee-fueled moments of reflection, it was the perfect place to put KM-related announcements, and new knowledge for people to contemplate and discuss.

If you work in a small co-located organisation, then maybe there is a similar place in your office which would be a natural analogue site for displaying new knowledge.

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