Monday 5 September 2016

Quantified KM success story number 105 - Domestic and General

Here is another quantified KM success story, this time from the customer service field. 

image from wikimedia commons
The story appears here, and is described as follows:

With more than 7 million UK customers, Domestic & General is the UK’s leading warranty specialist. Customer service is handled by 1,400 agents in three contact centers. Previously, all the information agents needed to answer telephone-based queries, such as details of warranty plans, was stored in a paper based system. This meant that staff needed to manually search physical folders to find the answers to customer questions, slowing the pace of service, reducing consistency and lowering First Contact Resolution rates.
Domestic & General chose to work with Eptica’s self-learning knowledge base as the basis of Fido, its new knowledge management system. After they log on, agents can type questions into Fido to receive relevant answers, including a full script outlining any specific details that need to be confirmed with the customer. This ensures that legal and regulatory obligations are met, as well as driving consistency. Agents can give feedback and comments on answers, which is then used to improve the content within the knowledge base. 
The results exceeded expectations: 
  • The knowledge base now receives an average of 60,000 hits per month from agents 
  • Average call time has reduced by 22%, saving nearly 30 seconds per call 
  • Hold times have reduced by 55% 
  • The time taken to train a new agent has dropped by 2 days 
  • Savings in support and training of £158,000 – the equivalent of 10 full time staff

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