Wednesday 20 January 2016

10 different types of Knowledge Briefs

There is a whole discipline of Knowledge Management for Product Development, which defines 8 kinds of Knowledge Briefs.

You can find an overview of the discipline in the article "Teledyne Benthos Adapts the Toyota Product Development System; An inside look at one company’s journey" by Patricia Panchak

The article describes the use of Knowledge Briefs, a single sheet of 11- by-17-inch paper  (also known as an A3) on which is recorded all knowledge about a particular aspect of a specific product under development. The 8 different types of Knowledge Brief (KB) are listed below, and represent the 8 types of knowledge that should be captured to describe any particular product.

These are as follows:
  1. Customer Interest KB 
  2. Proposal KB 
    • Proposal for Improvement KB 
    • Proposal for New Product KB 
    • Proposal for Solution Alternative KB 
    • Proposal for Technology Development KB 
    • Knowledge Brief for Information 
  3.  Knowledge Brief for Relations 
  4.  Knowledge Brief for Status 
  5.  Knowledge Brief for Test Results 
  6.  Knowledge Brief for Decision 
  7.  Knowledge Brief for Problem solution
  8. Knowledge Brief for Release of New Product

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