Wednesday 8 July 2015

KM branding from Shell Legal

This is a nice example of KM branding from the legal department in Shell.

Branding and a good elevator pitch are important elements in Knowledge Management Implementation.

This story was presented by Lara Nicholls, Shell International’s Legal Global Know How Counsel, at the KM Legal conference earlier this year.

Lara supports more than 1,000 Shell legal professionals in 46 countries around the world, in all aspects of knowledge management.

She brands her inititive "TAN" - a Korean word meaning "To chat, to share, to grow", and an Acronym for Traning And Knowledge. The corresponding logo is shown here.

Lara's KM Elevator pitch is as follows -

"Each year, individually, we are one year wiser and collectively Global Legal is 1,000 years wiser. If, through the right culture and effective tools and resources, we can each tap into just a small portion of those years, imagine what we can achieve?"


Yoshihiro Hashioka said...

We read this character with “DAN” in Japanese. It means “talk about a certain thing” or “the story itself”. “to chat, to share” is almost same meaning.
DAN is Discussion And kNow-how.

Anonymous said...

The "Tan" is Chinese character meaning to talk, discuss, etc. Korean "tan" is "이야기". Below are links for reference:

Martin Chen

Nick Milton said...

Thanks guys!

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