Wednesday 22 May 2013

Example KM role description - Shell Legal

Justice, 50 Fleet Street, London Published, here, an example of a Knowledge Management role description.

This role, called the "Global Know-How Counsel", is effectively the Head of KM, or CKO, for the Legal function within Shell. It does not seem to be a Network Leader role, though it could be considered to be a Practice Owner role, given the accountability for content, and given that they are looking for a Lawyer with KM interests, rather than a KMer with a legal background.

Job Description 
Knowledge sharing is a top priority in Shell Legal. It directly underpins our aspiration to be the best corporate legal team in the world by ensuring that our advice reflects our own expertise and experience as well as the latest legal developments and best practice. The Global Know How Counsel will be working in the Legal Director’s Office, reporting into the Legal Director via the Legal Services Coordinator and heading up the Central Knowledge Management Team  (which) supports Shell Legal in 48 countries.
The role of the Global Know How Counsel is to 
  • manage and lead the Central Knowledge Management Team under the supervision of the General Counsel responsible for Knowledge Management and the Legal Services Coordinator. 
  • capture the knowledge that is created globally via our internal and external knowledge management networks and to 
  • ensure a global consistent approach to knowledge management within Shell Legal, making use of our (IT) tools to communicate and collaborate globally. 


By delivering the support required, the Knowledge Management Team enables our lawyers, paralegals, Ethics and Compliance SME’s and IP Professionals to provide advice, support and related services to the Businesses in a proactive, timely, cost-effective and professional manner with a view to furthering business objectives and protecting shareholder interests.

The Global Know How Counsel's responsibilities will include, inter alia:
  • ·         Informally lead the Knowledge Management Team
  • ·         Participate in the internal/external knowledge management networks to ensure a global consistent approach to knowledge management. 
  • ·         Create annual plans to further improve knowledge sharing.
  • ·         Manage the content in our Knowledge Management System
  • ·         Represent the Shell Legal Central Knowledge Management Team internally
  • ·         Work closely with Shell Legal’s Global Training Counsel.

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