Saturday 9 May 2015

Knowledge analyst role, example

Found here, an example Knowledge Analyst role from the UNDP

Duties and Responsibilities
Summary of key functions:
  • Knowledge management and advocacy;
  • Manage the structure, processes and design of the UNCDFs website and Intranet;
  • Design of Communications, Outreach and Resource Mobilization materials;
  • Facilitate knowledge building in UNCDF.
Knowledge management and advocacy
  • Develop new online tools, surveys and other pilot projects to address impediments to sharing information and the flow of knowledge, facilitate demand and supply of knowledge;
  • Liaise with partner organizations, collaborators as well as other relevant institutions on knowledge-sharing and leveraging resources, lessons learnt and best practices aiming to make improvements to the UNCDF portal;
  • Formalize and contribute to a knowledge management strategy for SPPG based on input and cooperation of colleagues throughout SPPG and the broader organization;
  • Contribute to corporate knowledge management initiatives and represent SPPG in such initiatives;
  • Ensure procurement knowledge artefacts (tools, guidance, templates, other general information) are effectively kept, managed, disseminated and accessible to procurement practitioners at UNCDF;
  • Independently identify areas of improvement with regards to, inter alia, learning media and materials, the intranet and templates;
  • Conducts Research on the alignment of UNDP Knowledge Platform and that of UNCDF leading to the identification of new platform resources that may results in savings to UNCDF.
Manage the structure, processes and design of the UNCDFs website and Intranet
  • Continually innovate and develop the content delivery systems. Create and/or update web pages and sections to reflect UNCDF’s strategic plans, priorities, initiatives, knowledge products, flagship initiatives and latest information, to provide staff and public at large continuous access to up-to-date information, along with the content, of the UNCDF intranet to align with its strategic goals and stakeholders’ need for information and advice;
  • Ensure that all content on the UNCDF intranet site is kept up-to-date;
  • Contribute to and initiate cross-practice dialogue to continually increase the collaboration and quality of UNCDF  intranet across the organization;
  • Design, develop, update, enhance and maintain corporate websites and intranet ensuring a well-designed, well-structured, easy to navigate and high quality written and visual content that conforms to web usability and content management standards;
  • Identify, evaluate and recommend new web-based tools and technology and follow-up on installation and implementation to maintain websites as an effective platform for communication, information and knowledge sharing.
Design of Communications, Outreach and Resource Mobilization materials
  • Liaising with the Communications Specialist, support the implementation and monitoring of the communication and advocacy strategy to support UNCDF country programmes worldwide;
  • Support the development of pro-active communication strategies related to specific UNCDF programmes and initiatives, with a view to enhance programme-specific resource mobilization efforts.
Facilitate knowledge  building and knowledge sharing as required by the organization, focusing on the following results:
  • Identification and synthesis of best practices and lessons learned directly linked to KM, Communications and partnership-building activities;
  • Contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice;
  • Organization of training/briefing for UNCDF staff on knowledge management and communications issues.
 Impact of Results:
Strengthen the visibility of UNCDF website and intranet knowledge products and outreach capacities while contributing to an enhanced coherence of UNCDF knowledge management products between practice areas and other units working in close collaboration with knowledge management focal points in FIPA, LDFP and GTIs.

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