Thursday 23 October 2014

Available for pre-order - "Designing an effective KM strategy"

Advanced copies of my new book - "Designing an Effective KM Strategy - A Guide for the Professional Knowledge Manager" by Nick Milton and Stephanie Barnes, are now available for pre-order from Information Today; 3 months before the final release date January 2015 and at a 40% price reduction.

"Undoubtedly one of the best books available for anyone undertaking to do something interesting and useful with knowledge in their organization." —Larry Prusak, KM guru and author

When a firm’s Knowledge Management program isn't aligned with organizational strategy, its success can be no more than a happy accident—if it succeeds at all.

In this practical, step-by-step guide to crafting an effective Knowledge Management strategy, Stephanie Barnes and I prepare Knowledge Management professionals to:
  • Connect KM strategy to business strategy 
  • Identify the business drivers KM will support 
  • Survey your strategic knowledge areas 
  • Define your program scope and vision 
  • Obtain stakeholder input and buy-in 
  • Select pilots that kick-start successful rollouts 
  • Apply change management principles 
  • Build a sound KM framework 
  • Manage content and technology 
  • Assemble and lead effective KM teams 
Whether you are looking to reinvigorate your current Knowledge Management program or build an effective program from the ground up, Designing a Successful KM Strategy is the comprehensive, no-nonsense guide that will help you get it right.

Designing a Successful KM Strategy will be launched at KM World, and Stephanie will be present in the morning of November 4th to host a workshop and book signing.

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