Wednesday 10 July 2013

KM role description, Shell

It is always interesting to find job descriptions for Knowledge Management roles from mature KKM organisations.

Found here, is a Knowledge Management role description for an Offshore DtL Coach at Shell, Malaysia. DTL stands for "Drilling the Limit" - Shells approach to continuous improvement in drilling operations, which has a strong KM component.

This is very much a Learning and KM role, as you can see from the description below. And it is not treated as a junior role; 15 years experience is required. At a team level, this is the role that drives team learning through After Action reviews, Lessons Learned, and Lessons Re-Use. It is a role we refer to on our company website as a team Knowledge Manager role.

Requirements: The Dtl engineers will work offshore on 28 day rotation the scope of their work will typically include but not be limited:
  • Develop a DTL culture with ''buy in'' for all meetings with the team
  • Maintain a high visibility onboard-use the Performance notice board to highlight performance charts, graphs & lessons learned.
  • Monitor rig operation/KPIs i.e. - BHAs m/u, Casing Rig Ups, Running BOPs etc and identity ltd & opportunities for improvement
  • Identity Lessons Learned review in all planning meetings
  • Revise planning minutes, develop actions and encourge accountability
  • Incorporate Lessons Learned in the final drilling procedures and distribute to all relevant personnel
  • Provide feedback regarding lessons and suggestion to originators
  • Hold a weekly lessons review meeting with offshore heads of department to validate and identity actioned persons
  • Record accurate actual operation times. Identity NPT & ILT-generate lessons for relevant events where solution or findings can benefits safety & performance
  • Perform regular ''Gap Analysis'' of current data to identify opportunities for improved performance .E.g. BOP running times, flat time comparisons, tripping speeds,etc
  • Produce weekly 1 page performance newsletter highlighting learning's and stats
  • Maintain an accurate and up to data Lessons Learned Database. Hold regular L/L review meetings for validating and closure of outstading lessons. 
  • Facilitate After Action Review for every offshore phase and documents findings
  • Consult with Shell Drilling Supervisor on a regular basis to give updates of performance, lessons and good working practices
  • Participae in onshore handover meeting with back to back and onshore team
  • Ten-15 years oil industry direct experience, with high percentage of time offshore. Five years minimum as Dtl Coach in multiple international offshore drilling operations, with deep understanding of Shell system
  • Experience of working in environment where English is not first laguage
  • Technical skilld shall include technical limit process implementation, subsea and deep water drilling & & completion operations, scheduling, project management, budgetary analysis, and risk management
  • Essential personnel skills: excellent interpersonal skills for supervisors and workforce, self-motivation, energetic, and determined
  • Strong, multiple operator references

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