Tuesday 6 November 2012

Samsung's view of the Knowledge Manager role

Found here, is the interesting position description for the Knowledge Manager role within one of the Samsung enterprises or business units.

Here's how they describe the role

Development of Knowledge Management Strategy 
Performs the task of establishing the direction and strategy of knowledge management activities by analyzing an enterprise’s management strategy and employees’ knowledge requests and planning knowledge management programs. 
Management of Knowledge Contents
Plans and operates knowledge contents and carries out related improvement activities and manages knowledge according to its lifecycle (development plan, knowledge acquisition and creation, management of knowledge categories, knowledge registration, knowledge verification, knowledge reuse, knowledge evaluation and compensation and knowledge removal activities) so that it can be created and utilized. 
Management of Knowledge Assets
Manages knowledge assetization activities by establishing principles and standards about onsite knowledge management activities, maintains/manages the quality of acquired knowledge assets, and operates knowledge services so that employees can utilize and reuse. 
Management of Knowledge Network
In order to operate knowledge assets effectively, manages collaboration activities with knowledge management experts and their resumes and operates and manages research clubs/communities and cyber consulting. 
Management of Knowledge Management Activity Results
Defines KPI for results of knowledge management activities and measure/monitors/analyzes/evaluates/compensates by defining performance and standards for knowledge management. 
Management of Knowledge Management Organization Culture
Plans and operates change management issues required in pursuing knowledge management innovation activities and communication (PR, events, awards, education training, outside support) programs. 
Management of Openplace Planning and Operation
Plans/operates/evaluates/improves/controls Openplace service and manages Openplace contents’ lifecycle. (Openplace is a space for SDS employees to conduct online job functions. This is the most optimal working environment that improves an employee’s productivity and creativity using process and knowledge based collaboration). 
Key skills
Must be aware of an organization’s roles and responsibilities and must have an understanding of each organization’s business execution. Must have an extensive understanding and experiences in all corporate activities, must define knowledge required to execute an enterprise’s job functions in each area and each business and must have an ability to develop and execute a strategy required to acquire/use knowledge.  
Career plan
 A Knowledge Manager can grow into a knowledge management consultant and can become a Chief Knowledge Officer based on such expertise.

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