Thursday 23 February 2012

12 essential behaviours for effective AARs

rotc42 After action review is another popular Knowledge Management process; one of the most effective ways to develop a learning and high-performance culture within a team. First developed within the military, it is now seen as a cornerstone of knowledge management.
Here are some of the essential behaviours that make AARs effective.

  1. There are no bad ideas, or poor questions
  2. Ask open and honest questions - openness is the key.
  3. Leave preconceptions and prejudgments at the door
  4. Leave hierarchy at the door – everyone’s knowledge is of value
  5. Respect and Listen to each other
  6. Disagreement can be positive and needs to be explored
  7. Don’t rush to solutions
  8. Critical path or high cost tasks may yield the most benefit from an AAR.
  9. Focus on real issues and learning, not individual performance evaluation.
  10. Keep the meeting brief and focused.
  11. Rotate the facilitator role.
  12. Incorporate the learnings into future activity

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