Friday 12 November 2010

Minimum conditions of satisfaction for KM

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What are the minimum conditions of satisfaction in your company for KM?

What is the minimum standard that individuals and teams and projects need to do, to deliver a satisfactory level of KM?

Do they need to conduct lessons capture for each project? Do they need to ensure communities of practice are active for each key area of knowledge? Do they need to consult the company knowledge base at the start of each piece of work?

If there are no minimum conditions of satisfaction, then effectively KM is optional; you can do as little of it as you want. If you want to do zero KM, that's up to you. Nobody cares, nobody minds. And if KM is optional, then it won't get done. Nobody has time for optional activity.

If there are minimum conditions of satisfaction, then people are clear about the acceptable standard. They know what is expected of them (at a minimum level, anyway). If they fall below the minimum, then people do mind and people do care. That's the point of minimum conditions of satisfaction - if you don't meet them, then your performance is not satisfactory.

So if you want to drive KM behaviours in your company, get management to set some minimum conditions of satisfaction.

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