Saturday 13 November 2010

Knowledge hoarding will not be tolerated

So long as knowledge hoarding is an effective survival strategy for individuals and contractors, knowledge management will be an uphill struggle.

Instead, your company needs to turn this around completely, and link promotion and job retention with knowledge sharing and re-use. You need to give a clear message to staff and to contractors that, if you share your knowledge freely, you are guaranteed a place at this company. If you don't, your future here is limited. Knowledge hoarding will not be tolerated.

As Bob Buckman used to say at Buckman labs "if you are unwilling to contribute (your knowledge), the many opportunities open to you in the past will no longer be available". There's a cultural driver for you!

And here's the team leader of one of the pioneering learning teams -

"We said that when a person comes on the team they have to really conform to the team goals and beliefs (which included a knowledge-seeking ethos) in order to bed down, and it happened in three or four occasions where somebody came on board and just did not work out. They could not conform to that and we had to ask them to leave"

You can't let knowledge-hoarding thrive and be rewarded, if KM is your goal.

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