Monday 18 January 2010

KM leader part three - blood and guts

While I was looking up the interview I did with the knowledge manager I interviewed (the one I quoted in my last post), I found this quote from her, about appointing a KM expert to lead your KM program.

It's such a good quote, it deserves a blog post on its own.

"I would (hire) somebody with a practical background - somebody who likes
academia, likes to research, but somebody who has put that research back into
delivery. If I was recruiting somebody and I had an interview and I asked "do
you think you were successful (in your last KM implementation)" and they said
"yes we were absolutely successful" I would instantly be suspicious, because
knowledge management is not straightforward. I want practical evidence that it
is painful. I want to see the blood and the guts. I want to know that they have
been there and they have seen it".

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