Sunday 3 January 2010

The earth of noesis direction, and their highbrowed properties

Here's another great bit of machine translation from this site advertising an ebook on "SHARING EXPERTISE: BEYOND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT"

I don't know about "beyond knowledge management", but it's certainly beyond me.

The earth of noesis direction focuses on how organizations crapper most
effectively store, manage, retrieve, and increase their highbrowed properties.
The intimate analyse of noesis direction emphasizes the gathering, providing,
and filtering of definitive knowledge. The aggregation in a intimate has the
plus of existence easily transferable and reusable. But it is not cushy to
ingest decontextualized information, and users ofttimes requirement admittance
to manlike experts.
This aggregation describes a more past move to noesis
management, which the authors call “expertise sharing.” Expertise distribution
emphasizes the manlike aspects–cognitive, social, cultural, and
organizational–of noesis management, in constituent to aggregation hardware and
retrieval. Rather than centering on the direction take of an organization,
skillfulness distribution focuses on the self-organized activities of the
organizationŠ²Š‚™s members. The aggregation addresses the concerns of both
researchers and practitioners, describing underway literature and investigate as
substantially as substance aggregation on implementing systems. It consists of
threesome parts: an launching to noesis distribution in super organizations;
falsifiable studies of skillfulness distribution in assorted types of settings;
and careful descriptions of machine systems that crapper line queries, join
grouping and work, and augment course occurring ethnic networks within

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