Monday 7 March 2016

What's the difference between a KM communication strategy and a KM communication plan?

There are two key documents in your KM communication campaign - your communication strategy and your communication plan.

A core component of driving the Knowledge Management culture change is communication, and there are two key documents that drive communicaiton - your strategy, and your plan.

The strategy defines the purpose of the communication program, the vision of what you want to achieve, and the key stakeholders you want to influence. The strategy can also define the principles of communication, such as

  • Develop a simple message 
  • Communicate value 
  • Communicate Internally 
  • Communicate Externally 
  • Tell success stories 

The plan defines what you want to say, to who, when, and through which channel.  Generally the communication plan has four main stages, and the messages will be different from stage to stage:

  1. Before the first internal KM success story
  2. During piloting and proof of concept, when the success stories are being delivered, but before the start of roll-out
  3. During roll-out
  4. After roll-out
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