Monday 4 January 2016

KM book news for 2016

Three items of news for my KM books in 2016

Firstly "Designing an Effective Knowledge Management Strategy" has sold very well, already selling out its first print run, and now into its second reprint. It was also very popular at the KM World bookstall, and all Amazon reviews to date have been 5 stars.

Secondly, the Chinese edition of this book is going to print this month. The front cover art is shown to the right. Thanks to my Shenzhen friends for their translation work!

Finally my next book; "The Knowledge Manager's Handbook - a step-by-step guide to embedding effective knowledge management in your organisation" (co-authored with Patrick Lambe) is at proof stage, and already available for pre-order from Amazon; publication in early April.

I, and my co-authors, are very proud of these books. They were a lot of hard work, but contain distilled experience from many KM programs around the globe, both successful and not-so-successful.

They are the two books I wish I had had when I started my KM journey over 20 years ago.

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