Friday 15 November 2013

What is the role of a project KM resource?

Taking notes I blogged yesterday about the case for investing KM resources into a project, in order to deliver the knowledge which the project creates.

 But what would that resource - that person - do?

 Here is an outline.



  • Draft a Knowledge Management Plan and agree this with the Project/Programme Manager at the start of the project/programme. 
  • Monitor and report against actions within the plan. 
  • Update the plan at each project stage. 
  • Create an awareness in the project of the principles of Knowledge Management, and how they can impact the activity of the project. 
  • Coach the project team in the use of KM processes and tools, including the use of the knowledge library, lessons database, yellow pages and other sources of knowledge 
  • Facilitate After Action Reviews at major milestones within the project. 
  • Maintain a learning log or lessons log for the project
  • Champion the access and reuse of knowledge before and after significant project stages, as defined within the Knowledge Management Plan. 
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of KM within the project/programme


  • Full understanding of the project structure and objectives 
  • Good facilitating skills . 
  • Excellent influencing skills. 
  • Good networking and sharing of ideas and success. 
  • An understanding of the principles of Knowledge Management. 
  • Confident in the use of technology associated with Knowledge Management and able to explain the use of that technology to others.
You can see similar roles here (Shell) and here (US Army) 

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