Wednesday 7 March 2012

Learner as consumer, learner as producer

learnerI attended a presentation recently by a big company, talking about their organisational learning system.  They had developed a whole suite of training and learning modules, develop by experts within the organisation, and rolled out to staff across the world.  There was some limited for feedback from staff, in that they could give star ratings to particular modules, but it struck me as a very old model of organisational learning; a model of the learner as the consumer.

Certainly the frontline staff need training in a whole set of basic materials, but they can be considered as more than just consumers.  It is also the frontline staff that produce the knowledge; the frontline staff the interact with customers, with clients, with the real difficulties of the industry.  The frontline staff should not be seen as just consumers of knowledge, but as producers of knowledge as well.  Any organisational learning system should not just be a one way push of content, it should be a closed learning loop.  Training and learning needs to be a two-way process.

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Harold Jarche said...

Actually, I would say that any effective system would have to enable double-loop learning and promote critical thinking, something that scares most companies & institutions.

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