Thursday 8 March 2012

Growing up with KM, when community of practice leaders become senior managers

Grow up to be who you really are. I was talking with a knowledge manager from a major organisation. Her company has been working with knowledge management for 12 years now, and has developed an enviable reputation for having for the backing of senior management for their knowledge management initiatives.

She was explaining to me about their long term approach for communities of practice, and how over the 12 years, many of the initial community leaders have now been promoted into senior management posts.  They are beginning to really reap the benefits of this, as the new generation of senior managers have “grown up” in the organisation with knowledge management being a way of life.

As a result, these managers see KM not as something extra, or as a new initiative, but this or part of the natural way of working.  They have been there, they have been involved, they have seen the benefits, and knowledge management for them is now as natural as financial management or safety management.

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