Thursday 6 January 2011

Connecting people - cellphones in rural Malawi

Here's a great post from K4Health that shows the power of connectivity in sharing knowledge. Even something as common (to modern eyes) as a cellphone can have instant benefit if used for knowledge sharing (as well as, in this case, coordinating hospital response)

I quote

"The most important item in Amon Chimphepo’s medical kit is a small cell phone. This single piece of technology has proved to be a lifeline for people living in one of the most remote regions of Malawi..........When you connect community health workers by cell phone to the people, information and resources of a hospital you open a conduit of immediate aid that can save lives. Time telescopes — what took days and weeks before wireless communication, now takes minutes and hours. Visiting with Mr. Chimphepo, we were able to meet the people and hear the stories of injuries and conditions and sicknesses treated quickly and correctly because Mr. Chimphepo has access to professional advice and direct health services through the district hospital".


Anonymous said...

Cell phones and websites like Face of Malawi at are changing Malawi rapidly.

Charles Kazamila

cellphone said...

It shows a great importance of cellphones in rural ares also.

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