Friday 15 October 2010

The Pull Matrix - a useful KM table

Here's a useful chart from this blog post on KM at Goddard

I like the concept, and particularly like the fact that is it pull-driven - "Who can I learn from", "What can I learn", "How can I learn it"

This is refreshingly different from the more normal "who can I share with", "where shall I store this" conversation. It's like a personal Knowledge Management Plan - all that's missing is the "What do I need to learn" element.

I would like to extend this table a bit, because there is a big jump between "my friends" and "the whole organisation". We could include in this, for example, "my project team", and "my community of practice", both of which are organisational constructs which don't necessarily map onto "my friends". Also, "company experts" are a source of learning too

Here's my extended version

I hope this is useful

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