Tuesday 15 December 2020

KM accountabilities within projects and programmes.

 In a project based organisation, project managers bear much of the accountability for KM within the projects. 

  • KM within individual projects, and
  • KM across and between the projects.
Any project based organisation needs to consider both dimensions, and to make sure the correct roles and accountabilities are in place in both. Below is something I recently found in my files which I think is a nice description of the KM accountabilities in the domain of projects and programmes.

The project/programme manager carries single point accountability for KM activity at project/programme level. This includes accountability for:

  • Identifying knowledge deliverables for the project/programme consistent with those required by the organisation;
  • Ensuring that required knowledge deliverables are created and shared appropriately;
  • Ensuring the team(s) seek and re-use existing organisational knowledge wherever appropriate, and 
  • Ensuring that appropriate KM processes and systems are in place for the project to manages its own tacit and explicit knowledge though the life of the project; 
  • Ensuring that required KM activities are included in the project/programme plan and resources assigned accordingly; and 
  • Monitoring to ensure the required KM activity is taking place.  

A programme manager can, if required, delegate accountability for KM within component projects to the relevant project managers, while still retaining accountability at programme level. 

A project manager can, if required, delegate accountability for KM within component sub-projects or workstreams to the relevant sub-project or workstream managers, while still retaining accountability at project level. 

Responsibility for specific KM activities can be delegated within the project team as needed.

In larger projects the project manager can consider assigning KM coordination duties to a named individual e.g the project controller, project risk manager, project quality manager or project services manager.

Project/programme performance against KM requirements will be assessed at stage gates as part of the project/programme review process.

Use of a project/programme knowledge management plan may be considered, to aid monitoring and clarify KM responsibilities and activities at project/programme level. 




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