Tuesday 26 June 2018

How important is KM to the IT service industry?

Here is an interesting report on the use of KM in supporting IT service desks in the US and the UK. 

For the detail, please see the report, but some of the highlights are below:
  • Knowledge management is the second-most adopted process for IT support organizations after Incident Management (out of 22 possible process options);
  • In the US, only 5% of support organization are not interested in knowledge management technology, and 82% already have invested in KM technology;
  • There is a lower level of knowledge management technology adoption in the UK; 69% adoption of knowledge bases and  55% using online self-help;
  • KM  technology was voted number 2 "must-have technology" in the US for providing successful IT support after incident management technology (out of 25 possible technology options);
  • Knowledge management was cited as the third most important factor in increasing customer satisfaction, after staff training and availability of support (out of 26 options/factors);
  • However the UK data showed that 37% of respondents believe Knowledge Base Systems Technology is too difficult to implement and maintain

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