Monday 28 May 2018

20 example KM straplines

What's your KM strapline?

The creation of a good Knowledge Management Strapline can be a small but important step in the communication program that accompanies Knowledge Management implementation and helps drive the accompanying behaviour and culture change. The strapline is an ever-present message in your KM comms. It's like the pitch before the elevator pitch.

Here's a short selection of Knowledge Management straplines from my own collection.

  1. Shell - "Ask, Learn, Share"
  2. Infosys - "Learn once, use anywhere"
  3. BBC - "Live and Learn"
  4. BP - "Learn before, during and after"
  5. Mars - "Know to grow"
  6. KPC - "There's always a better way"
  7. Bright - "Turning knowledge into cash"
  8. Knoco - "Know-how is our business"
  9. VidenDanmark -  "From knowledge to results"
  10. Medco Energi - "Knowledge works"
  11. Nestle - “From Data, To Information, To Knowledge, To Actions!”
  12. Infoscions - "We help Infoscions make learning a way of life".
  13. Knowledge Management Post Graduate Centre – “Encouraging serendipity – Connecting People.”
  14. Spirax Sarco - "Little improvements from everyone"
  15. Lots of organisations - "Right knowledge, right people, right time"
  16. Schlumberger - "Apply everywhere what we learn anywhere"
  17. Syngenta - "Yesterday knowledge was Power.. ..Today sharing knowledge is Powerful"
  18. Fluor - "Make the best decision - every time"
  19. Petroleum Development Oman - "Connect, Collaborate, Succeed"
  20. Public Buildings Service - "Faster Answers, Better Projects, Happier Customers"

Do you know of any others that have been used by organisations? If so, please share them in the Comments sections.

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