Thursday 15 June 2017

How to tell when a KM program is a success

A recent article from one of the KM leaders shows seven indicators that Knowledge Management is working.

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The article is written by Rob Koene of Fluor, the engineering, procurement and construction company and one of the world's leading KM organisations. Flour have beein involved with KM for nearly 20 years, and have a well established KM program based around a platform called "Knowledge Online", with associated roles, processes, communities of practice and governance.

Rob tells us that a Knowledge Management Implementation program is a success when:

  1. People start complaining when (the KM platform) is out of order for longer than a couple of hours. (then you know it is used!) 
  2. You see a regular activity in Forums and the questions being answered adequately in time (at Fluor we set the bar to 95% adequately answered within 48 hours). 
  3. New Knowledge is being submitted on a regular basis. Do not expect the same rate as the Forum activity though. 
  4. Forums are carefully moderated and have at least 4-8 hours of review time per day somewhere on the globe. It is important to act quickly! 
  5. Sales uses the Knowledge Management program to sell projects. (then you have really made it). 
  6. There is a constant improvement in the KM System, presentation, user friendliness, search capabilities, contents and probably a few more can be thought of. 
  7. Feedback is given by the users. And every feedback is of value: Positive or negative. This keeps the KM leadership on their toes. 
Rob also reminds us that success will not come overnight.
At Fluor, it took us about five years of hard work to see a significant portion of the company actually using the system. Patience and hard work is the key. Expecting immediate results is a "pipe dream".

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