Wednesday 7 September 2016

The SKYbrary wiki - how aviation safety knowledge is shared

I blogged yesterday about the culture of learning in the aviation industry. Here is an example of how this works in practice.

Yesterday's blog mentioned learning primarily in the context of lesson learning. However this is not the only method of sharing aviation knowledge. SKYbrary (pictured below) is an outstanding wiki for sharing analyses, methods and toolkits for avialtion safety.

SKYbrary is an electronic repository of safety knowledge related to flight operations, air traffic management (ATM) and aviation safety in general. It is also a portal, a common entry point, that enables users to access the safety knowledge made available on the websites of various aviation organisations - regulators, service providers, industry. The inititive aims at developing a comprehensive source of aviation safety knowledge and make it available to users worldwide.

SKYbrary was initiated by EUROCONTROL in partnership with various national and international bodies, and a growing percentage of SKYbrary content is provided by The Honourable Company of Air Pilots (effectively a community of practice for pilots) and the Royal Meteorological Society.

You can see some of the content above:

  • shared articles on operational issues, hunabn performance, enhancing safety and safety regulations
  • announcements
  • regulation
  • knowledge on various themes, and
  • toolkits for various operational circumstances.
On a grander scale, perhaps, than most,  this Wiki can still act as an example for in-house Wikis dedicated to providing a comprehensive source of operational knowledge.

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