Thursday 18 August 2016

Continental's corporate KM culture statement

Knowledge Management succeeds to the extent to which it is embedded in culture. It looks like Continental has succeeded.

Changing the corporate culture is not an easy thing, but one lever you can use is to make the expectation for KM very explicit. Continental Tyres have made their expectation so explicit as to include it in their corporate culture statement.

This statement reads as follows:

As a driver of innovation, Continental is on the leading edge of technology. This kind of top position can only have a sound basis if the people who stand behind this company have the opportunity to develop their ideas in an environment that inspires and motivates. An environment characterized by competence, cooperation and progress. Worldwide. We call this “corporate spirit”. Deciding factors for this corporate spirit are:
  • A culture of high performance This is what drives the actions of each individual and all teams worldwide. At Continental you can expect more, because everyone expects more from themselves.
  • Striving for the best Each individual on their own is responsible for not simply accepting second best
  • Cooperation and teamwork Flat hierarchic levels, open-mindedness and respect characterize our work as a part of a worldwide network.
  • Responsibility and management Executives should lead cooperatively and encourage individual responsibility. And everyone must be willing to be measured by his or her own actions.
  • Learning and knowledge management Our employees believe in the principles behind learning throughout their lifetime. We provide access to knowledge at every level of our company

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