Friday 24 June 2016

Rationalising the KM programs

Applying the Lean approach to KM involves removing the waste from the knowledge flow. Sometimes this involves combining existing KM efforts.

Large organisations sometimes develop many parallel KM programs which have grown "bottom up" in different parts of the business.  Last week in KMUK Lutz Lemmer described just this situation in Transport for London. 

By rationalising and combining these disparate approaches into a single KM framework, TFL have been able not only to provide a simpler, unified and complete framework, they have been able to cut costs at the same time. 

This is a lesson for anyone introducing, re-introducing or rationalising KM in a large organisation.

Find out what's being done already in terms of KM, find the lisste bottom-up activities, the samll communities, the local KM sites, and then
  • Combine
  • Reduce
  • Simplify
Combine small efforts into larger systems to increase the power of the collective (as well as filling in the gaps),
Reduce waste, duplication and support resources, and the number of places people must go to to find knowledge,
Simplify the flow of knowledge.

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