Tuesday 26 April 2016

The role of the knowledge management executive sponsor

I blogged last week about the implementation organisation for KM, and at the top of the diagram I showed was the sponsor. But what does the sponsor do?

The role of the Executive Sponsor is as follows;

  • To act as customer for the KM implementation program, 
  • To act as customer for effective operation of the KM Framework, 
  • To convene and chair the KM steering group
  • To aid in removing corporate barriers to effective KM, 
  • To endorse and communicate the vision for KM within the organisation
  • To agree and endorse the KM policy
  • To set corporate expectations for adherence to the policy, 
  • To ensure appropriate resources for KM within the organisation
  • To agree the reporting structure for KM metrics, and to receive an appropriate level of reporting, and 
  • To appoint, resource and manage a Chief Knowledge Officer or Head of KM.

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