Tuesday 8 December 2015

Quantified KM success stories #94, 95 and 96

The three examples of savings through KM are taken from the article "Investing in boundary-spanning collaboration to drive efficiency and innovation" and come from case studies of  a company anonymised as "Global Oil and Gas"

A China-based member of a Specialty Equipment network connected with a member from North America and, on his advice, insisted on a rigorous inspection of a gas turbine rotor that was on order from the manufacturer. The inspection turned up more than 200 deviations from the original specifications. Had the inspection not occurred, the product would have halted operations once it was put into offshore production. 

As another example, a team in Indonesia asked the Heavy Metals Network for guidance in removing mercury from an organic compound. The process for removal was developed and supported by network experts from around the world, preventing a major contamination risk. This single collaboration saved several millions of dollars in costs that would have been incurred had the problem not been resolved efficiently and effectively. 

In another example the Drilling Network collaborated with the Well Integrity Network to reduce production losses resulting from barium scale build-up in large wells on an offshore platform. Working together, experts in both networks identified and solved the challenge, decreasing production losses at the initial location by more than 10,000 barrels a day in the first year after the change was made. (The current oil price is about $40 per barrel, would would mean savings of $400,000 per day).

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