Tuesday 20 October 2015

What sort of KM roles are in use?

KM roles are one of the four legs of the Knowledge Management table, and represent one quarter of the Knowledge Management framework, but what roles do organisations use?

This is one of the things we wanted to find out as part of our Knowledge Management survey. The diagram below shows the results.

We asked people to tell us which of the following roles they had in place in addition to the KM team:

  • Community of practice leader
  • Community of practice facilitator (in addition to leader)
  • Knowledge Management Champions 
  • Knowledge Manager for a department or division
  • Knowledge manager for a specific project
  • "Owner" for a specific knowledge topic
  • Content management support
  • KM Technology support
  • No other roles
  • Other (please specify)


The results are shown in the bar chart above.  The most common roles are related to technology support and content management support, probably reflecting the (unfortunate) emphasis that companies give to technology and content.

More happily, the third most common role is the Community of Practice leader. 80% of the communities also have a CoP facilitator.

The incidence of Knowledge Owners is disappointingly low

The people who chose "Other role - please specify" specified the following (some of which, to be honest, are KM team roles);
  • "Knowledge Management Champions" are called "Local Learning Leads" and exist one per operational region. 
  • All the work is done under a generic role 
  • Chief Innovation Officer 
  • chief knowledge officer 
  • Competitive Intelligence
  •  Consultant Knowledge Management 
  • COP leader and KM champion are not funded roles 
  • Director of KM 
  • Document Management 
  • Ambassador enterprise content mgmt 
  • Group Knowledge Sharing Manager 
  • Innovation Program 
  • KM Admins 
  • KM Coordinator for the organisation km department 
  • KM Internal Consultant responsible for KM Service 
  • KM officer to support Knowledge Manager 
  • KM Policy Lead
  • KM link to programs 
  • Knowledge Enthusiasts in offices to support regional knowledge champion 
  • Knowledge Management Ambassadors 
  • Leader for "Learning from Experience" (learning about what we are doing well, doing wrong, etc 
  • meeting host (rolling position in CoP membership) 
  • Profesional Support Lawyer 
  • Research and Analysis roles related to some sort of knowledge management - e.g. audit/quality etc 
  • Senior Knowledge Advisor and Regional KM Team Leaders 
  • The team is being built.

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