Wednesday 24 June 2015

Siemens CEO on KM

"Between 60% and 80% of the value added we generate is linked directly to knowledge - and the percentage is growing. As a result, one of our company's first priorities is to network and manage our internal knowledge so that we will be even more efficient and provide even greater benefits to our customers.

"There aren't too many problems that one of our business segments hasn't already solved. Whether it is installing a complete metropolitan subway system, constructing a pharmaceutical plant on a turnkey basis or putting up an office tower with the latest building management and communications technology  you can bet that at least one of the 450,000 Siemens experts in at least one of the 190 countries where we are active has tacked the job before

"Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all of our people can access the company's enormous pool of knowledge"

Dr Heinrich von Pierer
President and CEO

In Davenport and Probst, 2002

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