Monday 25 May 2015

Drucker on Knowledge and Data

Photo from Wikimedia

“Now that knowledge is taking the place of capital as the driving force in organizations worldwide, it is all too easy to confuse data with knowledge and information technology with information.”

 – Peter F. Drucker


Unknown said...

Dear all,IMHO the information is the raw material for knowledge if they take/place/do with KM habit and mindset,it's correct Nick Milton?I waiting your insight.Tks and regards.

Nick Milton said...

Hi Sahat

I do not personally believe that information is the primary raw material for knowledge. I believe experience is the primary raw material. See the poll here - where only 6% believed that information alone is the raw material for knowledge

Mad White Hattter said...

Nick, where is the like button for your reply? :)

Anonymous said...

Nick, what is the context for this quote (i.e., source)? That would go a long way to moving this from "information" - interesting as it is - to knowledge.

Nick Milton said...

It is in "The Post Capitalist executive - an interview with Peter Drucker" in HBR in 1993

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