Thursday 13 November 2014

KM in the National Qualification Framework

We have often wondered why there is such an interest in Knowledge management in South Africa. Here's why.

The National Qualifications Framework is a training and development framework operated by the South African Qualifications Authority, to that South Africans have access to quality education and skills development to improve their lives.

If we look at the course on Business, Commerce and Management studies, we find the following module as part of the Strategic Management section
  • ID 264406: Manage the information and institutional knowledge within a function, 

And as a core unit standard

  • 252044 Apply the principles of knowledge management

You can see the detail within this module here, with the learning objectives summarised as follows


  • Theory and principles of knowledge management.
  • Intellectual property.
  • Intellectual capital.
  • Knowledge economy.
  • Organisational learning.
  • Learning organisation.
  • Creation, sharing and storage on knowledge. 

  • Well done to South Africa - to see KM as a core standard (and a Strategic one at that) within national Business, Commerce and Management education!

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