Thursday 11 September 2014

KM - no time? Or no priority?

Very often people will say to you "we don't have the time for Knowledge Management". 

 "We are busy - we have lots of real project tasks to do - we can't take time off for an After Action Review, or a Retrospect or a Community of Practice meeting"

But in fact, it's not a question of time, it's a question of priority. They have time to

  • do their timesheets
  • prepare reports for management
  • attend teambuilding events
  • listen to senior management briefings
  • attend appraisal meetings
  • go to risk workshops
  • go to safety workshops

and none of these are any more "real project tasks" than Knowledge Management.

The difference is that these activities are prioritised. They are treated as priority activities; things that it is valid to spend time on.

So when I hear people say "we don't have the time for Knowledge Management", I know that this really means "we don't prioritise Knowledge Management".

Probably because they don't appreciate what their knowledge is worth, or how much value KM will deliver.

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