Saturday 31 May 2014

Quantified KM success story #81

One of my posts this week had the following KM success story embedded in it - a 40% time reduction through re-use of knowledge, as a business restructuring exercise in Venezuela made use of a Knowledge asset created in Colombia.

Venezuela first began to access knowledge by working their personal networks, and calling people in Colombia that they just "happened to know". But before long, one of the Colombians told them about the knowledge asset and sent them the web address. 
 Now Venezuela had full access to the knowledge of the whole company.  
 Initially the 15 top-level guidelines were the most useful part of the knowledge asset, as it gave Venezuela and overview of the things they needed to consider. The "links to people" allowed Venezuela to target the correct people to call for further details; many of them in Colombia, but other people around the company as well. As Venezuela went further into their exercise, they went further into the detail of the knowledge asset, and started to use the check-lists and artefacts. 
Venezuela were able to complete their restructuring in seven weeks, where it had taken Colombia three months.

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