Wednesday 6 February 2013

Example community behaviour charter

Griffin's Flame Charter Below, reproduced from this blog post, is a great example of a behaviour charter for a community of practice forum, taken from the Macuarium communities of practice.  This set of rules was created by the members themselves, in order to keep the community of practice on topic and delivering value (see blog post on “a group is its own worst enemy”)

  1. This is, mainly, a technical forum.
  2. Talking politics or religion is not allowed.
  3. In Macuarium we don’t support piracy.
  4. Don’t use the forums to buy or sell.
  5. Don’t repeat threads. Use the searches.
  6. Write correctly. Calm and common sense.
  7. For moderation issues, use the messaging system.
  8. When you have a moment, read the complete FAQs. 

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