Wednesday 9 January 2013

Knowledge Push, and Knowledge Pull

Push-Pull One of my continuing themes in this blog is the concept of Knowledge Push and Knowledge Pull (see here, here, and video here).

Here is a list of distinguishing factors between the two approaches

Knowledge Push

  • “I have knowledge - I will publish it” 
  • Knowledge Supply
  • "Learning After"
  • An answer, looking for a question
  • "Just In case" knowledge capture
  • Re-use not guaranteed
  • Driven by the desire to share
  • Initiated by the Knower
  • Big effort, delayed payback 
  • Knowledge captured in written form, or in presentations 
  • Builds explicit knowledge 
  • Processes include Retrospects, Learning Histories, Knowledge Assets
Knowledge Pull 

  • “I need knowledge - I will go search/ask for it”
  • Knowledge Demand
  • "Learning Before"
  • A question, looking for an answer
  • "Just in Time" knowledge transfer
  • Guaranteed re-use (if the answer is good enough)
  • Driven by the desire to learn
  • Initiated by the learner
  • Little effort, instant payback 
  • Often dialogue based - knowledge may be transferred in tacit form
  • May not build the explicit knowledge base
  • Processes and technologies include Peer Assists, Q&A forums, Communities of Practice and Search Engines

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