Tuesday 21 August 2012

"85% of KM initiatives have no stated objective"

Do you want to hear a scary statistic?

According to the slide on Page 7 of this KPMG presentation,
  • 80% of companies in a recent survey said that they had KM initiatives under way
  • Of those companies, 85% had no clear stated objectives for their KM initiative.
I suppose it depends what you mean by "stated objectives", but even so, that's a scary statistic.

Given that so many KM initiatives fail, then to start an initiative with no clear business objective is surely a rash thing to so. Clarity of business purpose is one of our 7 top success factors

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Unknown said...

I agree Nick, scary - even disappointing. I've witnessed people in senior strategic roles mentioning "Knowledge-Sharing" as a goal. Personally this isn't any kind of outcome for me, but an output.
KM fairly early on needs to address a key business need, otherwise they're just doing KM for the sake of doing KM.

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