Tuesday 6 March 2012

KM culture? Same as any other culture

unidentified cactus flower There is another debate on Linked-In about "how do you foster a knowledge-sharing or knowledge-management culture"?

My take on this is quite straightforward.

You foster a knowledge culture, just the same way as you foster any culture.

Knowledge Management isn't anything really special or unique; it's one of a number of management disciplines, and it's the one focused on knowledge and organisational learning. So if we are to practice what we preach, then let's learn from the other disciplines. What works for them, is likely to work for us.

So if you are interested in fostering a knowledge culture, then look at what culture your organisation is already successfully fostering, and look at how that is done.

Perhaps you have a safety culture. Perhaps you have a culture of diversity. Perhaps you have a customer-centric culture, where the customer comes first.

Look at how that culture is expressed, look at the messages given from leadership, look at how the culture is rewarded and reinforced and communicated, look at how it is embedded into processes and roles.

Then do the same for knowledge.

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