Thursday 22 December 2011

Communities and Cloud Thinking

A Face in the Clouds There is a lot of interest in cloud computing at the moment.

With cloud computing, Data Storage and applications are run remotely, and instead of you having to carry all the data and all the processing power on your own hard drive, you can link into the cloud  and download the results you need whenever and wherever you need them.

 You can travel light, and provided that you have connectivity, your data and your computing power travels with you.

There are obvious  analogies with knowledge management, and in fact we could see knowledge management as some form of Cloud Thinking.  With knowledge management, instead of having to carry all the knowledge in your own head, you can link into the “knowledge cloud” and download the knowledge that you need whenever and wherever you need it.

Sometimes that knowledge is documented in corporate guidance within the knowledge base, and sometimes that knowledge is undocumented and you need to link into the community of practice to tap into the tacit advice and experience.

So a salesperson en route to a meeting with a major client can dial up a knowledge base to see current knowledge about current dealings with the client and how to leverage these in negotiation, and can post a quick question on the community forum or the community Yammer, to get the latest info and the tips and hints from other sales people around the world.

Instead of having to be an expert on the client, carrying all the knowledge and experience in their own head, knowledge management allows them to leave it in the Knowledge Cloud, and download it whenever and wherever they need it.

With knowledge management, having your Head in the Cloud brings a whole different meaning!

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