Monday 3 October 2011

The four key incentives for KM

$500 Reward, Farm Bureau In my talk at KM Brazil this week, I am covering the topic of the KM culture change, and one slide deals with the issue of incentives.

I am coming to the view that there are 4 main personal incentives for KM, and they are as follows, from the weakest to the strongest.

The first is logic. People understand that KM makes economic sense to the organisation, and can deliver personal value to the individual. This is a weak incentive, but needs to be in place before moving up the scale to the other three.

The second is emotion. KM sounds like it's a good thing to do, it sounds easy, it sounds attractive. You woulld rather like to try it if you have the time.

The third is company expectation. Management make it clear that KM is part of the job. Everybody want to do a good job, and KM is considered part of doing a good job. Neglecting KM is neglecting your responsibility and doing a poor job. Personal pride becomes part of the driver.

The fourth and most powerful incentive is peer pressure. If everyone else is doing KM, then you stand out as the "oddball". Once a critical KM mass kicks in - supported by logic, emotion and expectation - then peer pressure cements the deal.

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Peter Jones said...

Hi Nick
This post caught my eye with its 'four key...' title.
It fits well with Hodges' model and its four knowledge domains:

SCIENCES domain - logic (formalised reasoning)
SOCIAL - peer pressure
POLITICAL - Co. expectation

The intra-interpersonal resource page inc. KM -

If anyone has any key resources I am missing please let me know? My blog "Welcome to the QUAD" covers aspects of KM even if not referred to directly:

Thanks for your post Nick and a fascinating blog!
Peter @h2cm

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